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If you have water leaking inside or ice forming on the outside unit, there is nothing to do but give us a call...other wise let's see if we can help you on line to get you going!

1 | First locate your systems thermostat and let's check to see if your Inside Blower will come on in the FAN - ON position. Most people run their Inside Blower in the FAN - AUTO position, and that's good. But let's see if the air will blow first! Select the FAN - "ON" position of the thermostat. Now check to see if you get any air out of the vents.

You may need to attach a small length of thread or tear a thin strip by 6 inches long of news paper and attach either to the end of a broom stick or yard stick. Or if you have a kitchen step ladder ladder handy that could get you to your vent out put. If you get no air...continue to the next paragraph. If you got air blowing return your thermostat to the FAN - "AUTO" position and go to the next paragraph.

2 | Next double check your thermostat is in the correct position. "Heat" - "Off" - "Cool" as needed for today's weather. Then make sure that that your temperature is set far enough away from room temperature to make your system come on. In the case of electronic thermostats, give it 8 minutes...and time it please. In the time of need - most people get impatient and keep jacking with the stat rather than giving it the 8 minutes to respond! Time the 8 minutes!

3 | Next did you check the batteries in your digital stat? Power outages may drain the batteries when used in some units, and also could affect the programming too. Take a look If you have a Non digital thermostats skip this step. I would also recommend up grading to a digital thermostat; They come in programmable AND Non-Programmable. They are easier to read, they have compressor protection built in, and don't false start or short cycle when doors close or other factors shake your walls!

4 | Next, let's see if we have a tripped breaker. Locate your Breaker Panel or Fuse box. Check to see if a breaker is tripped. If so, we've got to come over. Don't go resetting it and think your done! Breakers trip for the protection of your unit and should be serviced immediately. Something is damaged or is burning out. Resetting the breaker will lead to further damage to your system and it may not be able to recover from further tripping or fuse blowing. Call for service at this point. Let us cure the problem and we can possible save your system at this early point in time.

5 | If you still don't have the inside blower operating and moving air inside your house and it's not a breaker tripped or blown fuse, next you should make sure the inside Furnace or Air handler, usually in a closet or up in the attic, is switched on, or is plugged in to it's power outlet. Heaters located in the attic sometimes get their switches turned off or un-plugged by accident. This could be the case for a closet unit too, so check to see if it's switch is on or is plugged in.

One other place to check is the filter. Do you have a packed old filter clogging up the works? You know it's tough to carry 39 of the most popular filter on each truck - you then have no space to put the good stuff - so do your self and mine a big favor, change your filter and be sure to buy a years worth at a time, and as you put in your last one in, call us up to give your system a check up! One annual check up for cooling season is all most late models require, but as the system gets past 9 years old we recommend a pre-cooling and a pre-heating operation and efficiency tune up / checkout.

6 | If you did get the indoor air blowing, let's check to see if the out door condenser unit is running. Turn your thermostat in the "Cooling" position and in the fan "On" position and if digital, you may need to give it 8 minutes to start. If it does - great, but if not, let's check out a few things more. Note: Even if your out door condenser is not working, your indoor blower should come on. If it didn't You will need to call.

A/C Trouble Shooter

A/C Trouble Shooter

Here are the basic parts of the Cooling system you need to be able to identify.
The thermostat is not shown here, but I'm sure you know where yours is. Your condenser may also be on your roof. Your Blower and Evaporator Coil sections are usually in a Hall area closet, in the garage, or in the attic or a few can be found in a basement.

7 | Now if the indoor blower does come on and the out door condenser did not come on, let's first check the breaker box or fuse box for a tripped or blown fuse controlling the power to the condenser out door. If it is tripped or blown, then you need to give us a call. If the breakers or fuses look OK to the outdoor condenser, let's continue.

8 | Let's go out doors next to the condenser unit. You should see a power disconnect box on the outside wall of your house, next to the condenser. The lid usually just flips up and inside you see a breaker switch or a handle that is a pull out contact block with the words "ON" and "OFF" Make sure the breaker switch is in the on position and if you have the pull out contact block - that the "ON" word is in the upward position - not up side down and replace the contact block. We also recommend for your safety that you not mess with the outdoor unit if the ground is wet or if its raining. Let us check it out.

If your out side condenser is running and the air is blowing inside just a little, but no cooling, your system could be iced over. At the condenser, look at the copper lines coming out of your brick or siding and even look in through condenser fan hole on top to see if you detect and ice forming. If you do - you will have to give us a call.

9 | By this time if you still have one or more problems, turn your system to the "OFF" position and Fan in the "AUTO" then give us a call and we will schedule you in. You can click on the "1- Hour Service" tab to the left and review our rates, or you may just call now at 469-556-7317 and THANKS!

If this helped you get going, send us an e-mail just to say thanks, we would like to hear from you that our site has helped! If these basic preliminary checks did not get you going, You should give us a call...

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