Let's start trouble Shooting . . .

1 | First check to see if your Heater will Blow Air in the FAN - ON position. most people run their Heater in the FAN - AUTO
position, and that's good. But let's see if the air will blow first! Select the FAN - ON position of the thermostat. No air...continue to the next paragraph. If you got air blowing return it to the FAN - AUTO position and go to the next paragraph.

2 | Next double check your thermostat is in the correct position. Heat - Off - Cool as needed. Then make sure that that your temperature is set far enough from room temperature to make your unit come on. And in the case of electronic thermostats, give it 8 minutes and time it please. In the time of need - most people get impatient and keep jacking with the stat rather than giving it the 8 minutes to respond!

3 | Did you check the batteries in your digital stat? Power outages may drain the batteries when used in some units and affect the programming too. Take a look

4 | Next, let's see if we have a tripped breaker. If a breaker is tripped - we've got to come over. Don't go resetting it and think your done! Breakers trip for the protection of your unit and should be serviced immediately. Usually something is breaking or burning out, but resetting the breaker will lead to further damage to your system and it may not be able to recover from further damages. Call for service at this point. Let's see if we can give it a good fix.

5 | If you still don't have the fan operating and it's not a breaker, Next you should make sure the Heater Switch is on, or the Heater is plugged in to it's power outlet. Heaters located in the attic some times get their switches turned off or un-plugged by accident.

And one other place to check is do you have a packed old filter clogging up the works? You know it's tough to carry 39 of the most popular filter on each truck - you then have no space to put the good stuff - so do your self and mine a big favor, change your filter. Be sure to by a years worth at a time, and as you put in your last one in, call us up to give your system a check up!

6 | By this time if you still have one or more problems, turn your system to the "OFF" position and Fan in the "AUTO" then give us a call and we will schedule you in. You can click on the "1- Hour Service" tab to the left and review our rates, or you may just call now at 469-556-7317 and THANKS! Give Us a Call...

Heater Trouble Shooter

Here are the basic parts of the Gas Heater you may want to be able to identify.
The thermostat is not shown here, but I'm sure you know where yours is. Your condenser may also be on your roof. Your Blower and Evaporator Coil sections are usually in a Hall area closet, in the garage, or in the attic or a few can be found in a basement.